Konstantinos Agrapidas

Konstantinos Agrapidas

Director General for Labour Relations, Health and Safety and Intergration into Work

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Greece

KONSTANTINOS N. AGRAPIDAS Director General of labour Relations, Health, Safety and Inclusion at Work, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.Doctor of Panteion University, Specialist in Labor Market Relations and Monetary Policy. Graduate of the National School of Public Administration (ESDD). He has written scholarly books on the Labor Market and Labor Relations and has published numerous articles in the daily print and online press on labor relations and the labor market. He recently co-authored the book «100+1 TERMS OF TECHNOLOGICAL TRANSFORMATION IN THE NEW ERA, 2021», which contributes to the digital literacy of business executives and the unemployed. He is the National Coordinator of the Hellenic Center for Social Innovation.

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    Rights & Wellbeing at Work


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