Antonia (Tonia) Antoniou

Antonia (Tonia) Antoniou

MP (2021-2023) and MP Candidate (2023)

PASOK - Movement for Change, Greece

Parliamentary Activities

She was elected MP with PASOK in 2004, 2007 and 2009 elections for the Fthiotida constituency.In November 2021, after the death of the late President of the Movement for Change and PASOK F. Gennimata, she took her place as MP for the Athens B3 Constituency (South).

In the current parliamentary term she is a member of the Standing Committee on Economic Affairs, the Special Standing Committee on Environmental Protection, and the Subcommittee on Water Resources. She has taken over the position of head of the Climate Crisis and Civil Protection sector of the Movement for Change parliamentary group

Political/Social Activities

She has been a member of the Political Council of PASOK-Movement for Change since 2019, and a member of the Political Council of PASOK since 2006.

Previously she was: a member of the Executive Board (1999-2004) and the Central Committee of PASOK (1994-2004), as well as a Secretary of PASOK Youth (1996-1998), being the first woman to be elected head of a political youth organization in Greece.

In the period 1989-1994 she used to be a member of the Board of OTE Employees Association.