Nikolina Angelkova

Nikolina Angelkova

Minister of Tourism (2014-2020), Member of the Board, Lawyer and Investment consultant

Terra Way Investment Group SA, Association for Economic and Sustainable Development, Bulgaria

 Harvard business school alumni 2010, graduated from the Leadership development
 Harvard Kennedy School of Government Executive Education Program for “Global
Leadership and Public Policy in the 21st century.”- March 2023
 Master in Law from the University for National and World economy(UNWE), Sofia
graduated with an award for excellent success; postgraduate qualification for company
management under the Post-graduation institute of the UNWE.
 She has specialized financial management of the EU structural funds, regional policy
and government to the Institute of Public Administration in Maastricht and the Regional
Institute for Public Administration in Nantes, France.
 She has done a number of executive education programs in Harvard business school for
real estate development, negotiations and mergers and acquisitions.
 Currently she is doing Master of Finance Management in UNWE
 In 2002-2006 she founded and was a President of the Association of legal development
and legal adviser in the parliamentarian committee of Regional development, National
Parliament of Bulgaria. She was doing a number of European funded projects in the area
of justice, regional development, transport, environment and politics. Within the
framework of the Association she founded and School for students in law for gaining
practical skills.
 In 2005-2007 she was a blue book trainee in DG” Environment”, European Commission
and advisor of the BG Chairman in the EPP group (center-right spectrum), European
Parliament, working in the field of environment, transport, regional development and
politics; She organized and developed and led many projects and initiatives with the
public: national and municipal and private level. She was a special participant in the
high level Head of States leaders meeting for the 50th year’s celebration of the signature
of the Rome treaty (EU establishment) in 2007 in Rome.
 In 2004-2010 – member of the Sofia Bar Association;
 In 2005-2010 she was an owner of Nikolova and partners consult LTD (legal and
consultancy company); CEO of Hercesa Bulgaria LTD (real estate developer with 200
mln eurosinvested in Bulgaria and Romania in residential and office real estate projects)
and CEO of Helector Bulgaria LTD (Part of Ellaktor group with 5 billion turnover)
working in the field of transport and environment infrastructure, real estate investments;
mergers and acquisitions. She also established and owned an event management
 In this period, she owned also two Bulgarian companies dealing with cars wash and
sending workers in Italy (1000 workers) to work in the biggest Italian ship construction
company. Both companies were sold successfully in 2010.
 Since 2007 she is actively involved with the European People’s party and participating
in all the congresses and events of the party;
 In 2010-2011 she was leading the Control, communication and coordination department
to the Minister of regional development and public works responsible for the road
infrastructure and projects in the country;
 In 2011 she was Member of the management board of the Road Infrastructure Agency
and till 2013 Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works responsible
for European and international policy, European territorial cooperation and regional
planning; contact point for the EU Danube strategy.
 In 2011 she was elected for the USA State department program for foreigners where she
took part and became alumni.
 In 2013-2014 she was EU policy advisor to the President of the Republic-Rosen
Plevneliev. She organized and led many international, national and regional projects
and events;
 In March 2014 she was elected Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum
and currently is a WEF alumni. She is taking part in all the important events of WEF
 In 2014 she became the first woman Minister of Transport, information technology and
communication in the caretaker BG Government.
 In November 2014-2017 she became the first Minister of tourism in the regular PP
GERB BG Government founding the Ministry of tourism as separate state
 In March 2017 was elected member of the parliament in the 44th National Assembly
leading the Sofia region election list of PP GERB.
 In May 2017- 2020 became Minister of tourism in the regular PP GERB BG National
 In 2018 she was awarded by the Italian President with the “Stella d’Italia award”. The
award is the highest one given to foreigners.
 She is a member of the PP GERB and from 2019 until August 2022 she was a party
political coordinator for the region of Sofia.
 July 2020 till March 2021 she was a member of the parliament from PP GERB in the
National Assembly where she is a member of the economy and tourism policy
committee and Chairwomen of the Parliamentarian Friendship Committee BulgariaUSA.
 Since October 2020 member of Women in international security organization,
Washington DC, USA
 In April 2021 became member of parliament from PP GERB after the parliamentarian
elections on the 4th April 2021, where she was a member of the economy and tourism
policy committee and member of the legal committee;
 In July 2021 became member of the parliament from PP GERB after the parliamentarian
pre elections on the 11th of July 2022, where she was a member of the economy and
tourism policy committee and member of the legal committee;
 In November 2021 she became Member of the parliament from PP GERB, until August
2022 when Parliament was dismissed. She was Deputy Chair of the Tourism Committee
and member of Constitutional and legal Committee
 In 2008 founded “Friends of sport” Foundation representing Real Madrid Foundation
social school to integrate children in needs through sport. Currently is an honorary
President of the foundation.
 Since 2011 when she took part for the first time in the National Prayer Breakfast in
Washington DC she is a member of this society
 Since December 2020 she is a member of the Sofia Bar Association
 In September 2021 she founded and currently is an honorary Chairwoman of the
Association of Economic and Sustainable development, Sofia, Bulgaria
 In September she founded and currently is a Chairwoman of the Board of the Center for
Empowerment of Women in Politics
 Since February 2022 she is a chairwoman of the Board of the Bulgarian Tourism and
crisis management resilience counsel, which she founded together with the University
of National and World economy
 Since May 2022 she was elected co-chair for Bulgaria in the IPAC organization set up
by USA, UK and EU to address the challenges with China
 Since August 2022 she is also a corporate lawyer and investment consultant and advisor
in the field of mergers and acquisitions, fund raising, tourism, infrastructure-transport
and environment; energy and trade.
 Since March 2023 she is Member of the Board of Terra Way Investment Group AD
 Regular key note speaker in different events organized by Governments and/ or
international organizations such as World Economic Forum, World travel and tourism
council, A world for travel, different UN Agencies, Commercial chambers,
organizations from EU, USA, India, MENA countries (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, OAE,
Egypt, Qatar, Bahrein, Morocco, ect), and many others.
 She organized and led lots of projects in the field of infrastructure – transport and
environment, energy, economy, tourism and politics in general;
 Holds lots of prestigious awards in the fields working and have participated and
organized many international and internal congresses and events.
 Speaking fluently English, Spanish and Italian and having working knowledge of
French and Russian
 Divorced with one daughter

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